50 Questions

Before You Say "I Do"

Purpose of Book

The overall objective of the book is to provide singles and engaged couples with specific questions to explore that will enable them to develop a future marriage that is built to last a lifetime. Many people end up getting a divorce because they fail to prepare themselves for marriage, and they fail to ask the right questions before they say I DO. Ultimately, my book is focused on helping people avoid divorce by asking the right questions before they actually walk down the aisle and get married. Read More

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Joshua’s Redemptive Blurb

As many of you know, just three and a half months after getting married, my ex-wife and I decided to get a divorce. Like most people, the divorce was very challenging. In the midst of this agonizing time, I took time to reflect on the past, own up to my mistakes, and focus on the lessons that could be learned from this experience. Read More

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