Joshua’s Redemptive Story


As many of you know, just three and a half months after getting married, my ex-wife and I decided to get a divorce. Like most people, the divorce was very challenging. In the midst of this agonizing time, I took time to reflect on the past, own up to my mistakes, and focus on the lessons that could be learned from this experience. After months of healing from my past relationship failures and pain, I grew as a man, wrote a book about my experience and prepared myself for the next relationship.

Three years later, I moved to Miami, Florida, decided to serve in a local church while I was in town, and met this incredible woman who just happened to be serving on the same day as me! At this initial stage, my intention was not to ask her out on a date, but after running into her multiple times, I asked her on a date after church. During our first date, we had an instant connection and spent three hours getting to know one another!

Following this experience, we continued to talk on the phone and get to know each other for three more months before we decided to officially engage in a committed relationship. For me, this was the first committed relationship I had been in since my divorce. Although it seemed like an eternity since I had been in a committed relationship, I was able to make the adjustment very easily and build upon the time we had spent with one another.

After seven months of being in a committed relationship, we began to talk more about marriage. During this discussion, we decided to go through the questions in my newest relationship book and engaged in some deep discussions about marriage. Thankfully, she agreed to marry me on Saturday, November 8, 2014.

With joy and excitement, we planned our wedding, engaged in marriage counseling, and became husband and wife on May 9, 2015! This redemptive journey inspired me to let others know that you can create a redemptive marriage story as well if you take the time to heal from the past, prepare for the future, and expect nothing but the best for YOU!