Pre-Dating Guest

I would like to welcome all of my friends from I hope that each of you received some helpful wisdom, insight, and lessons from our powerful relationship seminar on Tuesday, December 4th.

As promised, here’s an opportunity for you to download the first chapter of my newest book entitled, 50 Questions Before You Say “I DO”. In addition, I am also offering the first 30 people from the seminar a free 30 minute coaching call on dating, relationships, and marriage. During this call, I will listen to your relationship concerns and do my best to provide you with practical and applicable information so that you can find the RIGHT PERSON and CREATE A HEALTHY MARRIAGE – built to last a lifetime.

For those of you who are interested in downloading the first chapter of my newest book entitled, 50 questions Before You Say “I DO”, please click of the book graphic below:

If you are interested in receiving a free 30 minute relationship/dating coaching call with Joshua Fredenburg, please fill out the information below: